Total Alloy Wheel Service

Transform the look of your car by giving worn, corroded and damaged wheels a complete refurbishment. Make wheels look like new again with a wide range of finishes and colours.

At Wheeltech Services we are proud to offer Alloy Wheel Refurbishments. Alloys can get quite dirty and difficult to clean. We are able to refurbish these to make them look as good as new.

The Alloys are placed in an Acid Bath, then blasted with sand before being powder coated.

Refurbishing Alloys is not routine work for us, and due to the nature of what is required, we only tend to carry this out every four to six weeks. However depending on how many requests we receive, this could be sooner.

We tend to start the jobs on Wednesdays, fitting the Alloys back onto your vehicle on the Thursday. We will advise you of the next available date giving you two weeks notice.

The refurbishment is not completed on site and is done using a third party facility.

The standard time for completing the work is two days, but depending on the Alloy and if everything goes to plan, it could take slightly longer.

Our customers cars are kept safe in our workshop, which is locked and alarmed.
Prices  for up to 18” are from £75+ VAT per wheel.

You can see examples of some of our customers finished vehicles  (click on the images to enlarge):

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